Rising Above Stress for

the Busy Professional

Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Many of us struggle with stress on a daily basis. Relationship issues, physical illness, work, as well as financial concerns are some common stressors that can burden a person. While some stress is normal and even positive, excessive levels of stress can negatively one’s physical, social and emotional well-being. learning how to cope with stress is thus a crucial part of our daily life. How then, can we develop these important coping skills?

Rise Above The Stress & Emerge as a Capable & High Performing Manager

Empathy works System would help you get

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Empathy works System

  • How can I recognizer the symtoms of stress?
  • What are some practical strategies to cope with stress effectively?
    • Understanding the power of our thoughts
    • Identifying cognitive distortions
    • Simple relaxation techniques
    • Problem-solving skiils

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