Resilience Programme:

"More Than Conquerors"


To equip students with knowledge and skills to better manage challenging situations and the stresses that arise from them.

Format of Workshop

This workshop aims to be interactive and fun, and will include various learning activities and games to engage the students. Student volunteers will be encouraged to take part in some of the activities, to demonstrate learning points.


  • Beautifully Imperfect (2hrs)  (Theme: Self Esteem)
  • Rising Above Stress (2hrs)  (Theme: Stress Management)
  • Becoming an Overcomer: Moving Beyond Failure (2hr)  (Theme: Resilience)
  • Time Management for the Busy Youth (2hr)  (Theme: Time Management)
  • The Shrewd Student: Study Smart! (2hr)  (Theme: Learning Strategies) 
  • Transforming Your Inner Critic into Your Inner Cheerleader  (2hr)  (Theme: Challenging Negative Thought Distortions)
  • Dare to Dream (2hr)  (Theme: Goal Setting)


Beautifully Imperfect (2hrs)
(Theme: Self Esteem)

Self-esteem is a very important ingredient of a teenager’s social and emotional well-being and is the foundation upon which the teenager’s life is built. Healthy self-esteem is like a teen’s armour against the challenges of the world. Teenagers who have healthy and positive sense of self-worth feel good about themselves, have the courage to try new things, and are
able to accept and show love. In contrast, teens with low self-esteem may face various challenges, such as consistent feelings of inadequacy, difficulty in making friends, underachievement or other behavioural

This workshop aims to introduce students to practical strategies to boost their self-esteem. The following areas will be discussed:

  • What is self-esteem? Why is healthy self-esteem important?
  • What are the signs of healthy and unhealthy self-esteem?
  • What influences a person’s self-esteem?
  • Body image and self-esteem
  • Self-esteem toolkit

Rising Above Stress (2hrs)
(Theme: Stress Management)

The teenage years are a period of intense growth, when the teenager experiences various physical, intellectual and emotional changes. It is a transitional phase of life during which the teen moves towards independence and adulthood. For many teenagers, this period of transition can be confusing and intensely stressful. Academic challenges, peer pressure, boy-girl relationships and body-image concerns are some common stressors that can burden a teenager. While some stress is normal and even positive, excessive levels of stress can negatively affect a teen’s physical, social and emotional well-being. Learning how to cope with stress is hence a crucial part of the growing process of a teen.

This workshop aims to help teens to develop emotional awareness, and
introduce them practical strategies to manage stress and cope effectively.

The following areas will be discussed:

  • What is stress? Is stress always a bad thing?
  • Developing emotional awareness:
    – How am I feeling? What is my current stress level?
    – Understanding my signs and symptoms of stress
    – Understanding and identifying my sources of stress
  • What are some practical strategies to cope with stress effectively?
    – Understanding the power of our thoughts
    – Identifying cognitive distortions
    – Simple relaxation techniques
    – Problem-solving skills
  • Why is self-care important?
  • When and how should I seek professional help?

Becoming an Overcomer: Moving Beyond Failure (2hr)
(Theme: Resilience)

Why do some people bounce back from life difficulties while others crumble under adversity? The individuals who thrive and bounce back from life difficulties, are using the skills of resilience.

The youths of today may face various challenges, ranging from adapting to new friends, to failing in exams, cyberbullying or even abuse at home. Hence, resilience, which is the ability to adapt well to adversity, tragedy or significant sources of stress, is critical to the emotional wellbeing, success and mental health of youths.

The skills of resilience can be learned. This workshop aims to develop resilience in youths through experiential activities and reflection. The following areas will be discussed:

  • What is resilience?
  • Why do some people bounce back from life difficulties? Why do others crumble under adversity?
  • What are my signature strengths?
  • How can I develop positive thought patterns?
  • Do “failures” define me?
  • How can I reframe negative events?

Time Management for the Busy Youth (2hr)
(Theme: Time Management)

Students have more demands on their time and attention today, as compared to before. Social media, studies, friends, co-curricular activities, sports, family responsibilities are some of the many demands that occupy their time. However, many students struggle with how to manage their time effectively, resulting in anxiety and stress when they are unable to complete their tasks. With their “to-do” lists growing longer, applying effective time management skills can help students get more organized and increase productivity.

In this interactive workshop, students will increase self-awareness of their usage of time. Importantly, they will also be equipped with simple but helpful time management techniques. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Auditing my time
  • How can I eliminate wasted time
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Setting clear priorities
  • The 80/20 Rule
  • How can I leverage the power of time?

The Shrewd Student: Study Smart! (2hr)
(Theme: Learning Strategies)

Research has shown that teaching students how to learn is as crucial as teaching them content. Students who use appropriate strategies to understand and remember what they read have been shown to score higher in academic proficiency tests. On the contrary, many students who do not perform well academically are not aware of effective learning strategies. It is hence very crucial for students to be equipped with study skills, so that they can perform to the best of their abilities.

This workshop aims to introduce students to practical strategies that will enhance their learning and increase their confidence levels. It will include the following topics:

  •  What is my learning style?
  • When and where should I study?
  • Managing the outside world
  • Things to ask myself when I get stuck
  • Effective listening and note-taking
  • Memory techniques

Transforming Your Inner Critic into Your Inner Cheerleader  (2hr)
(Theme: Challenging Negative Thought Distortions)

Very often, many youths have an inner voice that is critical, negative and discouraging. This critical inner voice, also known as Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs), can have a powerful but negative effect on the emotions, physiology and behaviours of youths. ANTs are cognitive distortions that can be challenged and replaced with more positive and affirming thoughts.

In this interactive workshop, youths will learn how to recognize and identify their negative thought patterns, challenge their cognitive distortions, and replace these distortions with affirming, alternative

The following areas will be discussed:

  • Connection between thoughts, emotions and behaviours
  • What are ANTs?
  • Types of cognitive distortions
  • Challenging my ANTs
  • Transforming ANTs into cheerleaders
  • Keeping a thought record

Dare to Dream (2hr)
(Theme: Goal Setting)

Having goals gives one directions, keeps one focused and motivated, and also increases one’s chances of achievement. Moreover, a person with clear goals is more able to make better use of his or her time.

Goal-setting is hence an important life skill which all teens need to learn.

This session includes the use of engaging activities to help teens to set meaningful personal goals which are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound).

The following topics will be discussed:

  • Discovering my purpose in life
  • Clarifying my vision – the vision board
  • Believing in myself
  • The power of goal setting
  • Creating SMART goals
  • What are some of my long-term and short-term goals?