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YounGoGo brings out the younger self in you regardless of age by unleashing easy and effective natural wellness. We believe that prevention is always better than cure and everyone deserves to start living a better life. It is a choice, your choice.

With YounGoGo, you can unleash youthful health instantly by removing sickness in simple steps to enjoy a high quality lifestyle both physically and mentally at the same time, letting you feel young again.

Pandora Box Play Therapy

Founder of Pandaro Box Play Therapy, Adelyn Lee, is an accredited Play Therapist with Play Therapy International (PTI). She  strongly believes in the power of play not just in the lives of children but also in adults too.  She is passionate to help children and adults to find themselves through play. Adelyn conducts mental health-related workshops in schools, corporate and community organisations, emphasizing on stress management and personal well-being with the use of creative arts.  



“Mental Connect” is a non-profit organization that focuses on connecting and facilitating the resources available in the ‘Mental Health’ and ‘Mental Wellness’ sector. This website currently serves a service directory and latest events happening for users to browse, but we will continue to expand its functions to other purposes. We endeavour to create common space to facilitate conversations between ‘Corporates’, ‘Community’, ‘Practitioners’ and ‘Governmental Organisations’. We hope to promote information exchange between the parties, and move the mental health ecosystem in Singapore (and across borders) forward.